NHL 20 looks to be stepping up their game
 EA has releaed a new gameplay trailer for their annual release of the hockey similator franchise,  NHL 20 and from an early look, the game is looking mighty fine. The latest trailer showcases a bunch of the new gameplay mechanics and features that will be present in this release of the series. NHL 20 seems to up the ante when it comes to realism as new features thanks to their new RPM tech gives players more variety of gameplay when playing the game. Now players will have the ablitliy to have explosive transitions, better shot selections, and intelligent saves from goalies. NHL 20 looks to be stepping up their game, so if you’re a hockey fan, you’re going to be excited for this year release!

RPM tech in NHL 19 greatly improved the game skating system. After that success, the team has brought RPM to the stick to give players a new level of control that was previously unattainable. More than before, superstar players should feel like themselves in NHL 20. And rvgm.com store offers Cheap NHL 20 Coins     online for you! In the trailer, the team outlines four changes coming this season. First up are signature shots. Every licensed player is given their own shooting style that matches up with the look of their real-world shot. In addition to these signature shots, EA Vancouver is incorporating a number of contextual shots. These allow your player to better react to passes and get off a shot from natural angles. It should make things like shooting out of a deke and one-time shots much more successful, once you get the timing down.

The video game developers highlighted that in NHL 19, a player would get locked into a path as they received a pass, making smooth transitions into the attacking zone more difficult. In these instances, humans would lose complete control of their player. They would be forced to glide instead of continuing to move their skates, making it difficult to maintain the intended trajectory upon catching a pass. NHL 20 will apparently put those days in the rearview mirror.

NHL 20 is also making improvements to transitions when you pick up the puck. In NHL 19, your player would often slow down as you closed in on the puck. Now, those transitions should be much smoother and allow you to stay explosive as you change angles. Importantly, we’ are also getting improvements to goal-tending. In the past, shots often bounced off the goalie, leading to easy rebounds that felt cheap. Goalies will now better direct and cover pucks, making scoring feel much more realistic