Making a VR mode available on FIFA 20 would be a bold leap
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Xbox One users who subscribe to EA Access, and pc gamers who subscribe to Origin Access will get a 10 hour preview of the game as early as September 20. It is entirely possible that a subscription model could be used to sell FIFA 20 and EA bosses have discussed the idea in the past. The likes of Francesco Totti, Zinedine Zidane and Andrea Pirlo are all potential additions. One retro player who is not likely to appear any time soon though is David Beckham, who has a deal with Konami Pro Evolution Soccer. Career Mode, youth players not representing country of origin/demograhpics properly, AI not selecting the best-possible lineups.

FIFA games suffer from an input lag however, the time taken for a button press to result in an on screen action, and VR would add to this delay slightly. With new consoles potentially on the way in 2020, we may see this in FIFA over the years ahead. The last two years in particular both landed on the final Friday in September. If this pattern continues to be followed when we’re looking at a FIFA 20 release date of September 27, 2019. It’s only an educated guess, but it’s the most likely candidate.

Like every year there will be different editions of the game available for purchases with extra bonus content for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. There is no official announcement made by EA SPORTS for the release of FIFA 20. In fact, EA already offers subscription services in the form of EA Access and Origin Access , which is available for PC, so it is not too much of a leap to suggest it may be implemented for the FIFA series as well.

The next step in video game evolution is virtual reality and the technology is already available, with PlayStation VR headsets fast becoming the must-have accessory for gamers. A number of VR games exist, but neither EA nor Konami have jumped in with their respective football game franchises. Feel free to resurface any of those examples or anything like, upvote and comment on the ones you agree with (or constructively don't think should be a high priority), and we'll take what you guys respond and use it to heavily influence what we submit to EA early next week.

Ultimate Team will always be the main focus for EA, with the thousands of in game purchases an absolute goldmine for the game publishers. The old school FIFA players love Career Mode, setting up with their favourite club on the game or embarking on a journey taking a League Two club all the way to the Champions League.  Again, nothing has been confirmed but, with the recent trend of EA games requiring honest-to-goodness charts to keep track of all the staggered release dates, Early Access is pretty much a downright certainty.

The demo for FIFA 20 will be released worldwide on September 12 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. However, this date is a prediction based on the previously released FIFA Demo and is not officially confirmed by EA SPORTS. Making a VR mode available on FIFA 20 would be a bold leap by EA Sports and it would have to provide an immersive gameplay experience of a similar or better level to that which they already offer.